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Skills Immigration - International Post-Graduate

If you have recently graduated from a B.C. post-secondary institution with a master’s or doctoral degree in the natural, applied or health sciences, you may be eligible for the BC PNP’s International Post-Graduate category. You do not need a job offer from an employer to apply to this category.

Eligibility Requirements

In addition to meeting general requirements, to qualify for the Skills Immigration - International Post Graduate category, you must have the following:

1) a master’s or doctoral degree received within the past two years from an eligible program at a post-secondary institution in B.C.

Your master’s or doctoral degree must be from an eligible B.C. post-secondary institution


Your graduate degree (master’s or doctorate) must be in one of the following programs of study in the natural, applied or health sciences:
  • agriculture
  • biological and biomedical sciences
  • computer and information sciences and support services
  • engineering
  • engineering technology
  • health professions and related clinical sciences
  • mathematics and statistics
  • natural resources conservation and research
  • physical sciences

Your education is not eligible if it is a distance education learning program either from abroad or from within Canada.

You must submit your application to the BC PNP within two years of the date shown on your official transcript indicating that you have completed all requirements of the degree or diploma program.

2) evidence that you intend to reside in B.C.

You must provide evidence that you intend to live and work in B.C.

This evidence may include:
  • the length of any previous and/or current period of residence in B.C.
  • your connections to B.C. through work, study or family
  • a description of any actions you’ve taken to permanently settle in B.C., such as finding a job or place to live

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