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Skills Immigration - Skilled Worker Category

This category is for individuals with post-secondary education or training and employment experience in a professional, management, technical, trade, or other skilled occupation.

Minimum Requirements for Applicants

To be eligible under the Skilled Worker Category, applicants must:

  • Have at least two years of full-time (or full-time equivalent) work experience in the skilled occupation offered to them, and the credentials and qualification requirements of the position, if applicable;
  • Be in an occupation classified as NOC level 0, A, or B;
    • For occupations classified as NOC level B, applicants must demonstrate sufficient language proficiency in English or French by submitting language test results showing a minimum score of benchmark 4 under the Canadian Language Benchmark 2000 (CLB) in all competencies.
    • For occupations classified as NOC level 0 or A, no language test results are necessary - the BC PNP, however, may require valid language test results at its discretion.
  • Have received an offer of indeterminate, full-time employment from an eligible B.C. employer;
  • Demonstrate the ability to meet minimum income requirements and pay for housing and living expenses in British Columbia by showing:
    • Annual wage in the province;
    • Location of residence in the province;
    • Number of dependents.

Minimum Requirements for Employers

The employer offering the job must meet the following requirements:

  • The business must be established in British Columbia;
  • The business must already have permanent, full-time employees;
  • The business must show a history of good business practices;
  • The employer must meet domestic labour market recruitment requirements;
  • The employer must sign an employer declaration stating that all of these requirements are met; 
  • A written offer of employment must be extended to the applicant on official company letterhead and must meet all of the following requirements:
    • The offer must be signed and dated by both the employer and applicant.
    • The offer must include:
      • A description of job duties;
      • The rate of pay;
      • The working hours for the position (minimum of 30 hours per week);
      • A statement that position is permanent and full time;
      • A list of additional benefits; and
      • A mention of any applicable collective bargaining agreements, if relevant.

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